Technical Recruiter: The most in-demand role in HR

More and more companies invest in Tech Recruiters.
What is Tech Recruitment? Which professionals are more likely to make a success out of it? Why are they so hard to find, and why are they so well paid? Are tech skills or experience in HR enough to make an efficient Tech Recruiter? What are the prerequisites to succeed and how to obtain them?

Recruitment is the process of sourcing, attracting, screening, interviewing, selecting and onboarding new employees in a company or organization. In other words, it is an entire cycle starting with identifying the recruitment needs of a company up to filling the position(s). A recruiter, often referred to as Headhunter, is most often a professional recruiter working as a freelancer for clients – companies.

The most in-demand jobs today pertain to the fields of Technology and IT. The number of job openings in purely tech fields (e.g. Software Engineers, Developers) or in related fiels (e.g. Business Analysts) experiences a sharp increase, maybe higher than every other field. Most companies in Europe as well as the United States turn to talent sourcing in different countries for remote, but also in-house positions, concerning tech roles. Digital acceleration, fuelled by the pandemic, has been a crucial factor. All of the above has created, now more than ever, the need to recruit professionals and recruiters specialized in technical roles in order to source the right talents.
Finding suitable candidates for tech positions has never been a piece of cake.

This explains the fact that professionals from two different departments (HR and IT) are usually involved in the recruitment process; the former are called to screen the candidate's profile and the latter to assess their tech skills.

However, a big gap is seen when it comes to HR professionals' familiarity with tech recruitment, which often results in their having problems with understanding the tech stacks and concepts, as well their usefulness. They also find it difficult to establish the needs and requirements for recruitment. In addition, lack of knowledge in tech fields renders more difficult a fruitful communication with candidates – even an effective first screening of CVs. Recruiters often feel that "they don't speak the same language" with candidates, which results in delays or even false decisions when it comes to recruitment. This may have a high cost for firms.

Companies invest more than ever in Tech Recruiters, and offer high salaries and bonuses.
In order to better understand the role of a Tech Recruiter, we contacted Skillscouts, a unique recruitment service specializing in training IT Recruiters. It is powered by Workearly, a well established brand in educating and upskilling professionals in tech positions and preparing them to claim positions in the global market.

Skillscouts gives HR and IT professionals the chance to gain the necessary skills so as to build a sought-after and competitive profile as Tech Recruiters. According to the Skillscouts team, the ideal candidate is a professional who combines knowledge from the two fields in question : HR and IT. As the name reveals, the ideal candidate is not a simple recruiter; coming from the IT realm is not enough either. A combination of both fields is needed.

Is it, hence, necessary for a professional to have an educational background in both fields? Is there an interdisciplinary specialization? Are two different diplomas needed: one in HR and another one in IT?

According to Skillscouts, Tech Recruitment is a specialization appertaining to the wider field of HR. Therefore, an HR professional with specific tech training in IT positions can successfully screen IT candidates. A Tech Recruiter does not need to have programming skills. It is certain, however, that they need to be able to understand the specs, tools and programming languages candidates need to have to successfully land the position. A Tech Recruiter also needs to effectively communicate with IT Managers of the company's department in need of recruitment, in order to select the right candidate for the job.

The other way around goes with professionals from the IT field, who are already familiar with the necessary technologies and tools, but lack training in HR methodology and recruitment practices, so as to reach a successful outcome.

How can a professional thrive in Tech Recruitment?

Skillscouts offers a variety of training courses to professionals aspiring to work as remote or on-site, freelancers or in-house Tech Recruiters in the global market. Through Skillscouts courses, which combines theory with seminars, assessments, case studies and simulations, participants get to familiarize with all IT roles, their job descriptions, required soft and technical skills, tools and programming languages, and incorporate all the above knowledge in real examples taken from the global market.

Skillscouts is powered by Vaquancy, the Global Recruitment Hub for Tech Hybrid Talent, which specializes in tech recruitment services and talent sourcing in the United Kingdom, the European Union and the United States, in cooperation with Reatcode, a recognized as HR Certification Institute Approved Provider by the Human Resource Certification Institute - USA. Reatcode grants participants of Skillscouts courses with qualified certificates upon successful completion of the course.

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