The Great Resignation: How does it drive the increasing demand for Recruiters?

The pandemic has had great repercussions on the market and the business environment. The impact of the significant job loss and the changes in the working environment have set to bring even bigger changes in 2022 and later on.

One of the changes is the increasing demand for recruitings which continues this year. In addition, the high demand is expected to act as a domino effect and exacerbate the current deficit in Recruiters.

2020 was marked by massive redundancies and recruitment freezes. According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), 114 millions of jobs were lost in 2020. However, as soon as recruitments resumed, companies were involved in the fight for talents induced by the so-called Great Resignation. Professionals left their jobs at a massive scale seeking work/life balance and better working conditions.

Recruiting, an already highly competitive field, was once more in high demand. Early data show a rather abrupt increase in demand for professional Recruiters. According to a LinkedIn report, about 7 times more Recruiters job openings were published in June 2021 globally compared to June 2020.
The Great Resignation is continuing in 2022. Taking into account the number of job openings and the fight for obtaining and retaining talent, Recruiters are in as high demand as Software Engineers.
Another survey has shown that 73% of HR Heads increased their recruitment budgets in 2021. However, one quarter of HR Heads said that they find it difficult to fill Recruiter positions in their teams.

Taking all the above into consideration, it can be safely said that both data and knowledge of the Recruitment field suggest a significant increase in demand for Recruiters for the rest of 2022 and later on. The higher the demand, the more accute the recruitment deficit will be.

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