3 Tips to Rock your Job Description for Tech Talents

Why is it important to draft a complete and effective Job Description and how to succeed in it?

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Let's start from the beginning. A Job Description includes the main responsibilities of an employee in accordance with the industry the company in question operates in. In other words, if the company is the team and the employee a member of this team, the Job Description reflects the role of this particular member.

Therefore, it is apparent that a vague or incorrect Job Description may create the following problems:

a) Candidates with other than the required skills apply for the position.

b) Candidates who apply for the position withdraw their interest or get disappointed once they understand the exact role.

c)When a team's members do not know exactly what their responsibilities are, the whole team cannot be efficient, since the segregation of duties will be either vague or ineffective.

What is the solution?

1. Cooperation with the Hiring Manager
When it comes to a job opening- especially in tech recruiting, it is the Hiring Manager who has the best idea of the position's responsibilities and required skills. Therefore, the better the communication between the Hiring Manager and the Recruiter, the better and more accurate the result.

Hint: To properly communicate with the Hiring Manager, it is important to speak the same language. In order to understand the differences among several job titles or skills, you shall learn everything about the tech terms, tech professions and tech skills.
2. Research
Thriving Tech Recruiters always do their own market research. It is important to have the bigger picture of the market in mind, taking into consideration the types of candidates and the skills other companies are searching for. What is more, it is useful to categorize the results of the research per industry and try to identify the special business needs of each one of them and how these needs are translated into recruitment goals. This methodology enables Tech Recruiters create competitive job descriptions and increase the likelihood to attract suitable candidates.

Hint #1: Begin by checking similar job ads, compare the requested skills and then proceed with the job titles associated with the skills. Try to understand the differences to your job position.

Hint #2: As a Tech Recruiter, you are not expected to uncritically replicate the information you see in other job descriptions, but rather evaluate whether and to what extent you could make good use out of them.
3. Place yourself in the candidate's shoes
This phrase is generally reflected through the Recruitment Process. However, it is even more crucial, when drafting a Job Description. The ultimate purpose of the latter is to inform the candidates about the requirements of a particular position. Therefore, it is very useful to draft the Job Description having in mind what the candidates will understand once they read it. It would be helpful to try and read it as you were the candidate, and focus on the points that may be misleading or elusive as well as on the points the importance of which is not highlighted by the way they are formulated.

Hint: Always keep track of your Job description’s progress in order to be ready to make adjustments or corrections. For instance, if the majority of applicants seem to have misunderstood some key points of the Job Description, this could probably be an indication that amendments shall be made (eg. provide with more examples, clarifications or rephrase misleading wordings).
How can Tech Recruiters excel in drafting Job Descriptions for Tech Talents?
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