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Tech Recruitment School




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Hands-on Training

Our training provides a complete guide for timely and effective Recruitment of Tech Talents. Our courses are based on the special needs of each Tech Profession.
Upon completion, participants shall be able to understand the roles, responsibilities and requirements of Tech Talents and  deal with real life case studies, avoiding common mistakes.

Set your own time & pace

Our courses are 100% online and self-paced. In other words, when and where is up to you. You can leave the course anytime and pick up from where you left off. 

Accelerate your career

Get Trained & Certified at Tech Recruitment and get a seat at the table of one of top professions world-wide. Upon completion of the course, participants have the opportunity to join Skillscouts Hub and explore job opportunities.

Be a Certified IT Recruiter!

Choose the course that fits your needs, upskill, pass the exams and get your Certificate immediately.
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About Skillscouts

#Tech Recruitment School

Learn how to trace, assess and screen Tech Talents, their role, skills & potential.

Why Skillscouts



New job opportunities

What's included?

Skillscouts courses offer:

Theoretical Knowledge

Important knowledge on every aspect of Tech Professions; their role, tools & technologies and the projects they are involved in.

Real life case studies

Skillscouts' approach focuses on actual problems & challenges, paving the way timely & effective recruitment.

Insights from the market

How does the market benefit from each Tech Profession and what is their place in it? Getting the whole picture helps Tech Recruiters improve their performance.

Smart tips

Our expert shares smart times that help Tech Recruiters filter their candidates, even if they do not have a technical background with examples of top screening question per field.

Common Mistakes

Why do Tech Recruiters usually fail to pursue an effective screening? Learn about common mistakes and how to avoid them.


Professionals who complete the courses and get certified are welcome to join Skillscouts Hub, the biggest community for Tech Recruitment.

Tech Recruitment School

We will help you unlock your inner potential so you can excel in your professional field.
Boost your confidence, master the field, become a certified professional

Our courses

Customer Reviews

See some of our customers' reviews on social media!


Tech Recruiter 
Skillscouts exceeded my expectations for sure, since i am already a Tech Recruiter! The instructors are top experts with great working experience in the field and they have shared with me very useful information about what's going on in the global market of IT. Also, exceptional case studies and food for thought! Great job, guys and great material! Thank you!


Peoples' Manager
Already halfway through the course, and the material is highly informative! Coaches share the latest trends on tech recruitment.


Tech Recruiter
Thrilled to be starting my journey at Skillscouts - Tech Recruitment School and get the chance to dive into #tech world. So many new information and knowledge, different paths, but much excitement about what’s next in one of the most interesting and challenging industries in recruitment.

Frequently asked questions

Where and when do the courses take place?

The courses are 100% online and self paced, meaning that you can access the course at any time of the day. Your progress is automatically stored on the Platform, allowing you to continue each time from where you left off.

How much time does it take to complete each course?

Participants are free to decide the pace of their study. Therefore, the duration is up to you and your schedule. However, each course contains an average range of hours of study.

When can I start?

Book your seat and now and start each course at the next available starting date that you can find on the course's info.

Which is the organization issuing the certification?

The certification is issued by Reatcode, which is recognized as an approved training provider by the World Human Resource Certification Institute (USA). Skillscouts certifications are also highly valued by the private sector market worldwide. The validity and quality of training at Skillscouts is guaranteed by the scope of Learning & Hiring Partners. 

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